Disadvantages of Plastic Packaging1
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Disadvantages of Plastic Packaging

We have seen that nowadays plastic packaging is very common everywhere. In the markets, shops, pharmacies and even in our homes the plastic packaging is very common. Although the plastic packaging is Eco-friendly, it has some disadvantages for the environment and personal health.

Disadvantages of Plastic Packaging1

Why people prefer plastic packaging?

The plastic packaging is cheap as the plastic material can be recycled again and again. It observed that the plastic material recycles about 40 percent every year.

  • The manufacturers of companies or food factories use plastic packaging because they find it to be cheap for them.
  • The plastic material can easily be molded in any shape. The companies find it easy to make the trays, containers, and canisters from the plastic materials.
  • The plastic packaging occupies less space as compared to any glass packaging. So the people who buy products in bulk they find it quite easy to keep the things in plastic packaging as there’s less weight of this plastic.
  • The plastic needs very less energy for manufacturing while it gives more energy while recycling as compared to other materials.

Why should we stop using Plastic Packaging?

Apart from recycling still we believe that plastic packaging has disadvantages for the health and environment.

  • People are throwing plastic packaging mainly in the canals and the oceans. The plastic packaging in the oceans is causing waste debris there. The aquatic life in the oceans is getting disturbed because of the pollution of waste and this waste cause a lot of smell there. These things cause several health issues for aquatic life.
  • Our wildlife gets harm because of the plastic debris that we’ve thrown in the rivers.
  • Despite all the benefits that we are getting from the plastic packaging it is bad to use plastic. The reason is that plastic is a toxic product that has a large number of damages to the environment as compared to benefits.
  • The plastic material is responsible for making the environment dirty. As it is releasing such gases in the air that destroy the greenhouse effect. The toxicity of plastic makes the temperature of the earth high.
  • Plastic packaging is not good for human health. As it is dangerous material that affects the quality of the food keep in them. The food items that held in the plastic acquire harmful effects from the poisonous plastic. It may cause several health issues like breathing, digestion problems.
  • The plastic packaging is contaminating the environment as it is bad both for water and air. The gases and compounds of both water and air get severely affected by plastic packaging.
  • The plastic packaging is badly affecting the life both wildlife and the aquatic life. A large number of animals, plants, fishes, and insects receives polluted water and air. This polluted water and air cause severe health issues and some of them are so serious that may lead to their death.

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